What is Hybrid Photography

Hello, and Welcome to Creative Hybrid Photography.

You may be wondering what is Hybrid Photography? The answer is simple, up until now most Professional Photographers sold you photographs that could be displayed on your wall, in an album or on a desk. They also, in some case sold you a CD or DVD of the still photographs, so you could view them on a computer or TV.

Hybrid Photography still offers these same options, but in addition we make a one to 3 minute presentation that combines the still photographs and in some cases with video creating a moving experience that has a music background. This presentation can be displayed on a smartphone, tablet, computer or even a HD TV. The beauty of this is you can now carry a moving advertisement of your business on you at all times. For non-business uses, imagine having beautiful portraits and videos that tells a story of the people you love in a non-boring presentation, right on your smartphone!

You see Hybrid Photography everyday on your TV in expensive advertisements, and now you can have the same high quality advertisements and personal stories on you smartphone or other devices at a price you can afford.

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